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Jacob's twelve sons, named in Genesis, were Reuben , Simeon , Levi , Judah , Dan , Naphtali , Gad , Asher , Issachar , Zebulun , Joseph , and Benjamin . His only daughter mentioned in Genesis is Dinah . The twelve sons became the progenitors of the " Tribes of Israel ". [1]

Jacob Ludwig Carl Grimm (4 January 1785 – 20 September 1863) was a German philologist , jurist , and mythologist . He is known as the discoverer of Grimm's law ( linguistics ), the co-author with his brother Wilhelm of the monumental Deutsches Wörterbuch , the author of Deutsche Mythologie and, more popularly, as one of the Brothers Grimm and the editor of Grimm's Fairy Tales . [a]