How To Reduce Belly Fat

Flat Belly

Flat Belly

Having a flat toned tummy or six-pack abs is something most people desire to achieve. If you’re a beer drinker, have the after pregnancy baby weight, hitting middle age, or tend to overeat at social functions, you probably have a strong desire to reduce belly fat.

What’s the best way to effectively get rid of stomach fat?

The first thing you must know about how to get rid of your spare tire is that there is no magic solution in a pill form or crazy fad diet. Weight loss just doesn’t work that way and you know that. You have tried diet pills and fad diets such as low-carb, cabbage soup diet, and master cleanse. Those diet fads didn’t work and that is why you are here now. You want a solution that is proven to get rid of abdominal fat and give you the slim tight and toned body you desire.

Losing abdominal fat won’t happen by trying to spot reduce by only doing sit-ups or crunches. Spot shrinkage doesn’t work nor do abdominal specific contraptions, don’t waste your time or hard earned money you won’t lose your love handles and you might end up with a back injury.

So, the question remains, how do you effectively reduce belly fat?

Here are the two factors to getting rid of your muffin top effectively and achieving a flat midriff or six pack abs if that is your desire.

  • Eating healthy meals consisting of lean protein, lots of green vegetables, whole grains, fruits, fiber, and monounsaturated fats five must eat foods.
  • High intensity workouts. I don’t mean cardio or any abs specific exercise either remember those don’t work. You have tried them and know that they are a waste of your hard earned money and most important your time. High intensity workouts (weight lifting and strength training) will cause your body to burn more calories. The more muscle you build the more calories you burn which ignites fat burning energy. In addition to burning more calories and fat these exercises indirectly workout your abs causing you to rid you jelly-belly faster.

    Six-pack abs

    Six-pack abs

How do you get started at reducing abdominal fat?

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